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Owner Services

The PLAZA staff is capable and provides various Owner Services.  A sample of such services is listed below.  If interested, please contact the PLAZA office for scheduling and pricing.

  • Remove and replace ceiling tiles
  • “Cut In”  vents or lights into ceiling tile
  • Remove & Replace Shower Handles
  • Install Door Guards
  • Remove and Replace HVAC Filters
  • Clear Condensation Line
  • Replace Toilet Fill Valve
  • Replace Toilet Flap Valve
  • Entry Door:  Paint Entry Door, includes sanding or scraping and painting entry door
  • Clean & Paint East Side Balcony
  • Clean and Paint Balcony Railing
  • Remove and Replace Kitchen Cabinet Hinge
  • Clean Bayside Window
  • Clean Dryer Vent Flaps
  • Replace Window Screens
  • Remove Furniture:
  •       Balcony Furniture (in the event of a storm)
  • Remove Furniture (other than due to storm will be priced per hour)
  • Unit Inspection (when owners are absent from unit)
  • Install East Side Balcony Light
  • Replace Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Install New Closer on Storm Door
  • Water Damage from HVAC Condensation Lines
  • Other functions/capabilities as requested