Rules & Regs



A copy of the Rules and Regulations shall be provided to owners and rental guests. Violations of any of the rules or regulations may be grounds for eviction.

All owner, overnight guests, visitors, rental guests, vendors, etc., are requested to sign in at the Security desk upon arrival for security and emergency purposes. All rental guests must fill out a registration form and pay a registration fee upon arrival. Upon departure, everyone is asked to sign out at the Security desk so Security is aware the unit is unoccupied.

Should the Security Officer be on rounds, please sign on the sheet provided. Persons who are handicapped or physically unable to use the fire stairs must register with the Security Desk upon arrival and departure for emergency purposes.


A. All vehicles on Plaza property must display a valid Plaza parking permit.

B. One parking space is assigned for each unit. A second unassigned space is available on a first come, first serve basis on the upper deck or at the blue bumpers on the ground level.

C. Vehicles are subject to being towed at the owner's expense and risk if a valid permit is not displayed, or if parked in a space reserved for another purpose, or parked in a space reserved for another unit.

D. Handicap parking is available in front of the building. Such vehicles must display a valid Plaza permit in addition to a valid handicap plate or window hanger.

E. Loading/Unloading and vendor parking is provided in the indicated spaces opposite the lobby entrance.

F. Loading or unloading can be done from the parking spaces in front of the Lobby entrance. Loading or unloading is NOT permitted from the upper parking deck or the first floor catwalks.

G. Extra parking permits for additional vehicles are available to rental guests for a fee, if upper deck space permits.

H. Visitors to the Plaza must see the Security Officer to obtain a short term parking permit and parking directions.

I. Vehicles shall NOT be permitted to park or be left unattended in the fire lanes, the garage loading/unloading zone, or in the driveways servicing the building.

J. Head-in parking only in all spaces.

K. Trucks or vans above 7'4" in total height are not permitted to be parked on the upper deck.

L. RV's, campers, boats and/or trailers of any kind are NOT permitted to park on the Plaza property. The Plaza is not responsible for the loss of or damage to vehicles while on the Plaza property.


A. Shirts, tops or cover-ups are required in the lobby, elevators and Walkways.

B. Do NOT enter the building or elevators with dripping wet bathing suits or towels.

C. All sand must be washed off beach articles and bodies before entering the pool deck, pool and building. Hoses are provided on the beach stairs and showers on the deck for this purpose.

D. Disruptive conduct is NOT allowed in the lobby, walkways, stairwells, or elevators.

E. Do NOT place chairs, umbrellas, clothing, door mats, etc., on the walkways.

F. Do NOT allow children to play or tamper with the elevators, telephones, or fire equipment. Any costs for damages or repairs will be assessed to the owner, guest or rental guest responsible for such charges.

G. Do NOT shake, throw, drop, kick, roll or in any way release anything from the balconies or walkways. Anyone found doing so will be prosecuted.

H. Do NOT lean or hang anything, including flags, from any railing, balcony or fence. The draping or hanging of towels, bathing suits, clothing or other items from any railing is strictly prohibited.

I. Do NOT feed the sea gulls or other birds from walkways, balconies or decks.

J. Outdoor cooking is NOT permitted on the balconies in accordance with the fire codes of The Town of Ocean City.


A. Plaza pool tags must be presented by owners, guests and rental guests in order to enter any of the pool areas.

B. Children three (3) years and under may use the pools if wearing approved swim diapers and under adult supervision.

C. Children under the age of fifteen (15) are NOT permitted in the pools unless accompanied by an adult.

D. Children under the age of fifteen (15) must be accompanied and/or supervised by an adult when using the spa and saunas.

E. Persons using the hot tub must obey the posted rules and cautions.

F. No flotation devices other than water wings or vests are allowed in the pools. No balls, toys, rings, frisbees, etc., are permitted on the sun deck or in any pool area.

G. Beach gear, chairs, umbrellas, etc., are NOT allowed in the outdoor or the indoor pool areas.

H. Deck furniture cannot be reserved for longer than 30 minutes. Deck furniture is NOT to be removed from the deck. Towels or personal items left unattended will be removed by the staff and placed in lost and found.

I. Ear phones must be used with radios or other electronic listening devices on the sun deck.

J. Any party gathering, etc., on the ocean front pool deck of 25 or more people must have written authorization from the Association Office; 72 hours advance notice is required.

K. Crabs are NOT permitted to be eaten on the sun deck.

L. Glass containers, plates, etc., are NOT allowed in the pool areas. Food is NOT allowed in the pool areas.

M. The outdoor pool area is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The Natatorium (indoor pool) is open year round; Security will provide access. The hours of operation will be posted at the entrance to the pool areas.


O. The wading pool at the outdoor pool is for the use of non-swimmers with parental supervision. The pool attendant will NOT directly supervise the wading pool for safety since this is the responsibility of the parent.

P. Diving is NOT permitted in the Plaza pools.

Q. Running or horseplay is NOT allowed in the pool areas.

R. All owners, guests and tenants must shower prior to entering the pools.

S. The pools may be closed at the discretion of the management whenever weather or other operating conditions warrant.

T. The Pool Attendant may elect to have ten (10) minute "Adult Only" swims every hour on crowded days.

U. The indoor pool, spa and saunas will be operated without an attendant. ALL PERSONS USING ANY PLAZA POOL DO SO AT THEIR OWN RISK. The entry door to the indoor pool will be kept locked. The security officer or management will open the door for you upon presentation of your valid pool tag.

V. Alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted in the Natatorium.


A. Pets are NOT allowed in any RENTAL unit.

B. Domestic pets may be kept by owners only. All pets are required to have and display a Plaza pet tag. Owners' guests, rental guests, or visitors are NOT permitted to bring pets to the Plaza unless the owner is in residence.

C. All pets must be leashed while on the Plaza premises. Cans and Scoops are provided at the dog walks at the North and South ends of the building. Pets are NOT permitted on the sun deck, parking deck, or any landscaped area of the property.

D. Smoking in NOT permitted in any enclosed common area including the elevators (Maryland law).

E. Fire evacuation plans are posted at the fire stairs and at the elevator landings of each floor for your review. During a fire alarm, persons who are NOT able to use the stairs should go to the fire stair landing and wait for assistance or the "all clear" signal (Announcement will be made over the PA speakers.)

F. Owners, rental guests, and visitors are expected to conduct themselves so as NOT to intrude on the privacy of others. Residents must refrain from slamming doors, shouting from balconies or walkways, loud playing of televisions, radios, and other electronic devices.

G. Running, ball playing, skating, skateboarding, in-line skating, bicycling, etc., on the Plaza premises are prohibited.

H. Please use the trash containers that are conveniently located throughout the Plaza property. Trash chutes, located by the North and South stairwells on each floor are to be used between the hours of 8 A.M. and 11 P.M. only. All trash must be placed in bags and securely tied. Do NOT dispose of cardboard boxes, liquids or flammable items in the trash chutes. (Recycle drums and receptacles are provided at the North and South ends of the building for this purpose.)

I. Lint traps in the dryers should be cleaned after each use in order to prevent a fire hazard.

J. Luggage carts are available opposite the rear entrance to the lobby. One cart per unit on Saturday and Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Register with Security to use a cart and return cart immediately. Luggage carts must NOT be taken inside a unit.

K. Furnishings, equipment, and other Plaza property may NOT be removed from the Plaza premises.

L. Every effort will be made to maintain maximum security at all times. Since it is impossible to exercise constant surveillance in all areas, the cooperation of all residents is necessary. Report suspicious persons or incidents to Security or Management.

M. Bicycles may be stored in the bicycle rack located in the Southwest side of the parking area. The Plaza is NOT responsible for the loss of or damage to bicycles stored in the rack.

N. The Plaza is NOT responsible for items left in the beach lockers, or for property left on any of the common elements.


A. Certain building access doors are locked and alarmed for security reasons. Please be certain all such doors are secured behind you. Do NOT open the doors for strangers. Do NOT block open any of these doors.

B. Owners must notify the office if they want the key to their unit given to trades people. Keys will NOT be issued unless the owner has given permission and this information is recorded in the office.

C. Owners are responsible for keeping their windows and screens clean and in good repair.

D. Owners must notify the Association Office when any moving in or out of the building is planned.

E. Prior authorization is required from the Manager or designated representative. Household furnishings may NOT be moved into or out of the building on Saturday or Sunday during the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

F. Cleaning of carpets may be accomplished with a portable unit during the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

G. Window treatments (blinds, curtains, or drapes) must be installed within 30 days of settlement. Temporary coverings such as sheets, towels, paper, etc., are prohibited.

H. No renovations/construction is allowed from mid-May through September without approval from the Office.

I. No carpet will be allowed to be installed on a balcony by an owner on the ocean side or the bay side.

Plaza Rules and Regulations were adopted Oct11, 1988. Updated Apr25, 2015.